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Analysis: Would Mikel Arteta Do Wonders As Arsenal Manager

Mikel Arteta seems to be the leading candidate to replace Arsene Wenger who has left the North London club this year after spending 22 years with them.



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It’s increasingly been reported that the Arsenal board is ready to appoint Mikel Arteta as their manager since they are running out of options but this decision has been despised by the fans because they believe that the former midfielder is still a junior in the managerial job.

The Spanish international is now a Manchester City coach but he is likely to get a higher job since the Arsenal board have put trust in him because they have ignored veteran managers like Carlo Ancelotti who are now jobless. There is one reason the Arsenal board might want to appoint Arteta so let’s take at it below.


In the current football era, signing of players are one of the most top expenditures of most clubs and the Arsenal board is usually very cautious on how much the club spends on transfers so appointing a manager like Ancelotti would mean that the North London club would need to always have £300 available in each transfer window because they spend so much.

The Arsenal supporters are not happy about the news of Mikel Arteta becoming their manager because he even deleted his past Arsenal twitter activity after joining Pep Guardiola’s at Manchester City which showed that he cut ties with the club. They also believe that he can become a ”puppet” of the Arsenal board.

Arsene Wenger has left the Arsenal club this year and he already said that he will have no say on who the club will appoint as their manager because he says that it isn’t his job but he surely won’t be happy with the appointment of Mikel Arteta according to the fans.

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