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Aaron Ramsey Reveals What Unai Emery Wants Them To Do On The Pitch

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has said that Unai Emery wants them to press the opponent and says that he hopes they can get another win soon.



Aaron Ramsey and Unai Emery
( Unai Emery and Aaron Ramsey )

Aaron Ramsey was brought back into the lineup to face West Ham United on Saturday after he was dropped against Chelsea but he however showed that he should be in the starting eleven because he had a nice game against the hammers.

Arsenal’s new manager Unai Emery has tried introducing a new philosophy at the Emirates Stadium and it seems the players are still trying to adapt to it but the process will likely take long, because they are not used to playing from the back. Aaron Ramsey tried to explain what the manager wants from them after their win against West Ham United and says that it’s all about pressing the opponent.

“He wants us to press and press really high up the pitch, so that’s the biggest thing really and then obviously we’re trying to figure it out going forward as well, so hopefully we can combine the two next week and get another win under our belt.” said Ramsey.

Arsenal’s new boss Unai Emery has even reportedly told the players to cut on their weight as he is telling them to be running more Kilometers while in training because pressing requires them to be sharp and quick. Arsenal fans expected Aaron Ramsey to be the captain of the gunners after Laurent Koscielny but it seems the manager has changed his mind because Petr Cech was the captain of the squad on Saturday.

All Arsenal players have reacted positively to the new philosophy which Unai Emery wants his players to master and the manager said that he has been over working the players in the training sessions but said they give him a smile after a tiring day, so he hopes that it won’t take long for them to get used to his playing style even though it has been difficult in the first three Premier League matches.

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