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Can Arsenal Really Sack Unai Emery?

Some Arsenal fans have already started asking themselves whether the club would sack Unai Emery if he fails to succeed at the Emirates Stadium so here’s the answer.



Unai Emery
( Arsenal head coach Unai Emery )

Arsenal manager Unai Emery has been at the Emirates Stadium for three months now and his first season at the club is underway but the Spanish international has failed to win on two occasions, raising questions whether he deserved the Arsenal job.

The new Arsenal manager has lost his first two Premier League matches and some Arsenal fans are asking themselves if the management of the club would have the guts to sack Unai Emery in the midst of season if he doesn’t improve. The correct answer to that question will probably be NO because the Arsenal board isn’t ready to go back into searching of a new manager yet the best have already been taken by other clubs.

Arsenal is the most patient club in the Premier League when it comes to sacking of managers because everyone knows how the Arsenal board refused to sack Arsene Wenger during the time of 2010-2018, where he under performed with most Arsenal fans making pleas for his sacking but the club still stayed firm and offered him a new deal but he decided himself to resign from his position in May this year.

Unai Emery seems to be the right man for the job at Arsenal but the fans might be going in a similar situation of being stuck with him if he doesn’t succeed at the Emirates Stadium because the board isn’t interested in the idea of sacking manager as long as he is getting them into the top four. However, Arsenal fans believe that Unai Emery will certainly improve because they have noticed something different in the Arsenal team even though it has lost its last two matches.


Arsenal manager Unai Emery

Arsenal manager Unai Emery

The Arsenal board might not want to sack Unai Emery if the manager fails at the club but they did include a safeguard for themselves in the deal which was given to Unai Emery; ‘He will not be paid his remaining salary if he leaves Arsenal before his contract expires’

So far so good for Unai Emery: No Unai Emery out on social media and no Emery out banners at the matches so far played.

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