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Jose Mourinho reveals how to handle Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil was not in the squad that faced West Ham United and was an unused substitute in Arsenal’s match against Chelsea last night.



( Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil / Photo via Getty )

Former Manchester United and Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has told Arsenal that “they need the right balance” to get the best out of Ozil.

Mourinho worked with Ozil back in his days at Real Madrid and knew how to get the best out of him and he has shared some information that might be useful to Unai Emery stating that neither a hard-line nor soft approach is likely to work on the German play-maker.

Arsenal’s big money earner once again did not feature in the 2-0 victory over Chelsea yesterday though he was named on the bench. Emery has left him out of the team in several key games and has stated that Arsenal do not need him.

“Honestly, I don’t know what is going on, if he is having a physical problem or not.”

“I know that there was some problem in relation to his contract, he is leaving on a free then he is not leaving on a free. I think finally he signed a contract and decided to stay.”

“So there is not an issue with contract, so I believe there is something with the physical point of view or there is some confrontation of ideas with Unai. I think the nature of football is exactly this nature.” Mourinho explained on beIN SPORTS.

“With me, Ozil played amazingly well but maybe not with Unai. And maybe a certain player that I don’t remember was phenomenal with Unai but doesn’t work as well with me. It’s just the nature of empathy.”

“I just feel that Ozil is the kind of player that needs the both sides of it. By one side, if you are just sweet with him, you lose his natural aggression because he’s not naturally a very strong, physical player in terms of aggression.”

“If you are too strong with him and forget that he also needs a bit of care, a little bit of love, you don’t find the right balance. So I think it’s about finding the right balance with him.”

Should Arsenal part ways with Ozil? He earns £350k a week and doesn’t feature in any of the games this is a financial loss for the club. It doesn’t look like Ozil is going to be in any of Emery’s plans so why not sell him and get a new player who fits in the system, it’s a good decision for both parties

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