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Arsenal announce their involvement in new big money European Super League

Arsenal Football Club have announced their involvement in the newly created breakaway competition, the European Super League that has made news rounds in the last few hours.



( Emirates Stadium / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal have announced that they are among the top twelve European clubs that have decided to create a new mid week competition that is likely to go and replace the UEFA Champions and Europa League that we are currently familiar with. The Super League isn’t a new idea as it has been discussed for a long time but it’s however been finally made official.

Arsenal is one of the most historical clubs in England and the club has announced that they are a founding member of this new European Super League. A statement from Arsenal Football Club on its official website read;

“We have joined 11 European clubs as founding members of a new midweek competition, the European Super League.”

“There’s lots more to do to bring the competition to life and we will continue to update our supporters as things progress.”

The European Super League 12 founding members are as follows: AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur

The statement by the new European Super League confirms that three new clubs will also join them and that they will soon start to hold discussions with football governing bodies such as UEFA and FIFA.

These new announcements have come as a big surprise to the football world as the Premier League has already threatened to ban the top six clubs that have joined this breakaway competition and so we will have to give it time to get information on what the next steps will be!

I enjoy football so much and I am in love with Arsenal Football Club. I always watch the matches and will always give you my opinions about the game here.

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