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PICTURES: Arsene Wenger Enjoying Life After Leaving Arsenal

Arsene Wenger quit his job at the Emirates Stadium at the end of last season and he is yet to decide his future but he is enjoying himself in the meantime.



( Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger )

Arsene Wenger departed Arsenal at the end of the 2017/18 season after strong considerations according to the Frenchman. The manager spent 22 years at the North London club and finally called it quits this year after many protests from the Arsenal supporters who called for his resignation which he finally did.

Wenger has not yet decided what his next step will be in future in terms of football career but he has enjoyed himself in the pressure free times as reported by Cambridge News after he was spotted punting on the River Cam. The former Arsenal boss was smiling so much as he posed for pictures.


Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger on the boat. 


Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger getting on to the boat. 


Arsene Wenger has been managing one club for 22 years consecutively and this is a new life for him because he had get used to be on the football pitch guiding his team to success, in training of his squad or also facing the press as they interview him about the gunners but he surprised everyone when it was announced in April that he was to resign at the end of last season.

Wenger is yet to announce if the gunners were the last club he managed in his managerial career but he said that he hoped to continue after he leaves Arsenal but he has been quiet since then. There are also reports that Arsene Wenger is among the candidates to replace Zinedine Zidane who has left Real Madrid.

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