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Young Arsenal Fan With Cancer Requests To Meet Arsenal Players

Lexie Smith who is an Arsenal supporter is battling with kidney cancer and she hopes to meet Arsenal players in person.



Lexie Smith
( Lexie Smith is battling with Kidney cancer )

Lexie Smith who is six years old, is an Arsenal supporter from West Drayton Middlesex, after falling from a swing at the park 3 weeks ago, she was taken to Hillingdon hospital where tests were done, the results were results nobody in this world expected.

Lexie has a wilms tumour on her kidney and the fall from the swing had caused pressure on the tumour and this caused an internal bleed. Lexie was blue lighted to Great Ormond Street Hospital where she went into surgery to stop the bleed. Lexie is now on her 5th round of chemotherapy, she is due to go into the hospital this week to have her kidney removed. Lexie is football mad and is a great supporter of Arsenal.

Even though Lexie Smith is currently under going painful treatment at the moment, her wish is to meet an Arsenal player in person and will be hoping that this dream does come true because it would make her so happy. Lexie’s family says that Stephan Lichtsteiner did contact her to ask for her address via her Instagram account “Lexie Smith’s beating cancers butt” which is run by friends and family.

Lexie Smith

Lexie Smith while at home 

Lexie Smith

Lexie Smith at the hospital

Lauren Atkins who is a close family friend of Lexie’s revealed to us in a private conversation how Lichtsteiner’s message made Lexie so happy.

“Lexie has received so many messages but none have compared to the one from from Lichsteiner.”

“For Lexie to meet any of the Arsenal members or the team would be a dream come true for her.”

We wish you a quick recovery Lexie Smith and we hope that you meet some Arsenal players soon.

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