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Arsenal Fans Send Birthday Wishes To Arsene Wenger

Today is Arsene Wenger’s birthday, the Frenchman is now 69-years-old and the Arsenal fans have wished him a splendid day.



Arsene Wenger
( Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger / Photo via Getty )

Arsene Wenger is celebrating his 69th birthday today and it’s been a long journey for the Frenchman because he become a footballer at his younger age and later become one of the most respected coaches in the history of English Football.

Even though Arsene Wenger resigned from his position as the manager of Arsenal in May this year, the Frenchman still has the love of the Arsenal fans because they believe that he has done a lot for their club even though things didn’t go well for him in the last 10 years.

Many Arsenal fans took to Twitter to wish Arsene Wenger a happy 69th birthday. Check out some of the best tweets about Arsene Wenger’s birthday below.

Arsene Wenger is currently jobless but there are many reports which claim that the 69-year-old will soon be appointed as the new general manager of Paris Saint Germain but it’s not yet official.

Arsene Wenger has refused any claims of him retiring from football in the last few months but he did say that he will start working on his new job in January 2019.

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