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Revealed: Why Mesut Ozil Will No longer Be The Assist King

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has scored twice for the gunners this season.



Mesut Ozil
( Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is a fan favourite at the Emirates Stadium because he has bonded with the supporters over the last four years he has been in England, and he has been nicknamed assist king.

Mesut Ozil has been known for his great eye because he always spots a teammate who scores and he was even close to breaking the Premier League assist record set by Arsenal legend Thierry Henry. Arsenal supporters thought that Mesut Ozil would finally break that record once the gunners signed a new forward because he in the past played with Olivier Giroud who wasn’t a great goalscorer.

The gunners signed Alexandre Lacazette in the 2017 summer transfer window and Aubameyang in the winter transfer window but these two have come at a time when Mesut Ozil has changed from the old assist king and can now even score goals. In the 2015/16 season, Mesut Ozil made nineteen assists but he however made only 8 assists and scored four goals, you can clearly see the difference.

But this season won’t allow Arsenal fans to see the old Mesut Ozil, so you ask why?

Arsenal is under the management of Unai Emery now and the new boss has his own tactics, and makes team selections which are different from the ones Arsene Wenger used. It seems Arsenal’s new boss Unai Emery will not be playing Mesut Ozil in his natural Central Attacking Midfield role this season because the manager prefers using him on the wing.

Even though Mesut Ozil has scored two goals in the Premier League this season, it is clear that he isn’t happy playing on the wing because he is not used to it. The flank which Ozil plays on can easily become useless if the German international is facing off against a strong full back.

Aaron Ramsey is now playing in the CAM position and the Wales international hasn’t been impressive in it as Mesut Ozil would have, it is however surprising that Unai Emery hasn’t realised this or he believes that Ozil deserves to play on the wings.

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