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Arsene Wenger Compliments Unai Emery

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that he won’t manage any club in England and also said that his happy that things are going smoothly at the Emirates Stadium.



Arsene Wenger
( Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger / Photo via Getty )

Arsene Wenger left Arsenal at the end of last season, it was a memorable moment for both the French international, the club and it’s supporters because he had been with them for two decades. He left when he has helped the gunners win three Premier League titles, seven FA Cups and he even coached the famous Arsenal squad that won the EPL trophy in 2004 without losing any game.

Arsene Wenger is currently jobless but there are various reports which say that the Frenchman will be appointed as the new general manager of Paris Saint Germain in 2019, he has also fueled these rumours after he said that he will return to management next year. In an exclusive interview with BBC SPORT, Arsene Wenger confirmed that he won’t be managing any club in England. He says that he is now an Arsenal supporter.

“When I can watch, I am an Arsenal supporter and I am happy when Arsenal win and unhappy when they don’t win. It’s good that it’s smooth and going well.” said Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal fans on social platforms have highlighted Arsene Wenger’s line of “It’s good that it’s smooth and going well”, they believe that the Frenchman was actually meaning that Unai Emery has so far done some great work even though they aren’t considered as Premier League title contenders yet.

Arsene Wenger faced a lot of criticism from the Arsenal supporters in his last days at the Emirates Stadium with most claiming that he is the reason they haven’t won the Premier League in the last 10 years. What has however disappointed them is that Wenger has never said anything on Unai Emery’s appointment as the new manager, so that’s why they believe that he complimented Unai Emery in his above statement.

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