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“Arsenal transfer warchest arrives” European Super League funds for founding members revealed

Arsenal fans have spent years waiting for their club to get the transfer warchest but it now looks like it may become a reality thanks to the new Super League.



( Arsenal players celebrating / Photo via Getty )

The European Super League was announced on Sunday and Arsenal is among the 12 founding clubs that have created this new breakaway competition that is set to replace the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League that clubs have competed in for decades. While the introduction of this new competition might have received negative feedback from the fans, it’s now revealed how much founding member clubs will get good funds from it.

Arsenal has not been in the UEFA Champions League in the last five years and this has really affected their finances hence making them desperate to return there so that they could get enough funds ( transfer warchest ) to compete with the best clubs on the continent. It now looks like they might no longer need to rely on UEFA Champions League anymore due to them having been involved in the birth of the European Super League.

The European Super League is a well funded project and it’s now been reported that Arsenal Football Club will receive a huge fee of €350million, just for their participation in this new competition so that they can try to ease on the losses that they have suffered during this COVID-19 pandemic. Although the funds that Arsenal will first directly receive from the European Super League aren’t all going to their transfer warchest, they will still received a massive boost to the funds that they need to use to have a successful summer transfer window.

Arsenal fans have  waited for a transfer warchest for years due to transfer news speculations but it really looks like their dreams could finally come true since they will be receiving a lot of funding from the European Super League as they are a founding member of the competition.

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