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How Kroenke being under fire is going to be good news for Arsenal

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke is on the receiving end, what are his next moves and how will it affect Arsenal?



Stan Kroenke
Stan Kroenke

Stan Kroenke is having a rough patch as calls for him to sell Arsenal continue. Thousands of Arsenal fans turned up in big numbers on Friday as Arsenal hosted Everton and made themselves heard prior to kickoff.

Arsenal fans won’t be resting, the next protest will be during Arsenal’s next home game which is against Villarreal on May 6, the second leg of the semifinal.

The combination of Kroenke out protests and now news that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek  is seriously interested in taking over with the help of Arsenal’s three legends (Henry, Bergkamp & Vieira) this will surely make “silent stan” make a move.

Daniel Ek has declared his interest to buy Arsenal. (AFP via Getty Images)

Kroenke could finally invest some cash just to calm the situation. If Arteta is given some good money to fund transfers for new players it could somewhat calm the angry fanbase.

“We have big plans to invest,” Josh Kroenke said during an interview. “We want to be great again, but a long term model does not support long term high investment.” He added that his family have “no intention of selling”.

Well, a bid from Daniel Ek would test the Kroenke’s resolve. A good offer from the Swedish billionaire could tempt Kroenke to sell up.

Surely Kroenke doesn’t enjoy bad publicity, he will have to find a way of quieting the situation either by pumping funds in to the the club or consider selling up. If neither happen, Arsenal fans will continue to protest until something happens. Arsenal are the likely winner here.

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