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Bernd Leno makes statement on his time at Arsenal and its supporters

Arsenal sold Bernd Leno in the 2022 summer transfer window to Fulham and the German goalkeeper has opened up about his time at the Emirates Stadium.



( Former Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno / Photo via Getty )

Former Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno has spoken out about his departure from the club in the 2022 summer transfer window. The German shot-stopper was sold by the Gunners after losing his place as the first-choice goalkeeper to Aaron Ramsdale, who had arrived at the club a season earlier.

Despite being replaced in the starting lineup, Leno has expressed no ill feelings towards his former club. In an interview with Standard Sport, he said, “I don’t have toxic [feelings] or bad energy for Arsenal. It didn’t end in the perfect way, but my reception at the Emirates was really good. I get fans coming up to me saying, thank you for your four years… you were very good.”

Leno also revealed that he still has a connection to Arsenal and is grateful for his time at the club. “I was really happy with my performances. Even when they dropped me, I did nothing wrong. I came through the front door and I left through the front door. I still have a connection to the club.”

During his four-year stint at Arsenal, Leno made 133 appearances for the club and was a key player in the 2019-20 season. However, with Ramsdale’s arrival last season, Leno found himself relegated to second choice.

Despite this setback, Leno remained professional and continued to work hard in training. He even made several appearances in cup competitions and put in some impressive performances.

It is clear that Leno holds no grudges against Arsenal or Ramsdale for taking his place in the team. Instead, he remains focused on his own performances and is determined to continue playing at a high level.

As for Arsenal fans, they have shown their appreciation for Leno’s contributions to the club during his time there. The goalkeeper revealed that he still receives messages of support from fans who remember him fondly.

Overall, it seems that Leno’s departure from Arsenal was handled with professionalism and respect on both sides. While it may not have been an ideal ending to his time at the club, Leno can look back on his four years with pride and gratitude.

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