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Former Arsenal star Matt Turner has opened up on the most weird player in the current gunners squad

Former Arsenal star Matt Turner has opened up on the most weird player in the current gunners squad.



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Former Arsenal goalkeeper Matt Turner has opened up about his former teammate Aaron Ramsdale, describing him as “weird” but also expressing his admiration for the eccentric goalkeeper.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Turner revealed that he considers himself to be the most normal goalkeeper out there. However, he acknowledged that Ramsdale is a unique character both on and off the field.

“I think probably I’m the most normal goalkeeper out there. I actually believe that.” said Turner.

“Aaron Ramsdale, he’s also bananas, that guy. He’s fucking weird, but I love him. He’s just eccentric. He’s got little bits of flair in his game. He’s very opposite from me in that sense, on and off the field. Maybe because I’m so normal, that makes me weird.”

Turner praised Ramsdale’s flair and eccentricity, stating that the Arsenal goalkeeper has a certain charm and individuality that sets him apart. Despite their differences in personality, Turner admitted that he has a great fondness for Ramsdale and appreciates his quirks.

The American shot-stopper recently made a move to Premier League side Nottingham Forest in the summer transfer window, leaving Arsenal where he had been the second-choice goalkeeper behind Ramsdale. Turner’s departure from the Gunners allowed him to seek more regular playing time and continue his development as a goalkeeper.

Ramsdale, on the other hand, has been impressing at Arsenal since joining the club from Sheffield United in the summer. He has quickly established himself as the first-choice goalkeeper and has been praised for his performances between the sticks.

While Turner may consider himself to be the more normal of the two, both goalkeepers have shown their quality and ability in their respective careers. Their contrasting personalities and playing styles only add to the intrigue and diversity within the world of goalkeeping.

As Turner settles into life at Nottingham Forest, he will continue to observe Ramsdale’s progress at Arsenal. The two goalkeepers may have different approaches to the game, but their shared passion for their craft is what unites them.

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