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“Not Arteta” Rice reveals the person behind Arsenal scoring many set piece goals



( Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice has shed light on the unsung hero responsible for the Gunners’ impressive set-piece prowess this season, revealing the instrumental role played by the dedicated set piece coach, Nicolas Jover. Rice’s insights provide a glimpse into the meticulous work ethic and strategic guidance that have underpinned Arsenal’s success in converting set piece opportunities into crucial goals on the field.

In an interview with the media, Rice praised Jover’s tireless dedication behind the scenes, emphasizing the coach’s relentless commitment to enhancing the team’s set-piece execution. “Behind the scenes, he’s just so hard-working. Nobody sees that, they just see him on the sideline celebrating set-pieces,” Rice conveyed. This acknowledgment highlights Jover’s behind-the-scenes contributions that often go unnoticed but are integral to Arsenal’s set-piece proficiency.


Arsenal set piece coach Nicolas Jover

Rice further elaborated on Jover’s approach, detailing the coach’s continuous efforts to refine the team’s set-piece strategies through meticulous analysis and individualized feedback sessions. “But he’s always got his laptop in his hand, always working, always striving to be better, always pulling lads for individual meetings to say ‘you’re not doing this right’ or ‘you can improve that’,” Rice revealed. Jover’s hands-on coaching style and attention to detail demonstrate his commitment to maximizing the team’s set-piece potential and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement among the players.

With Arsenal having netted an impressive total of 18 set-piece goals so far in the season, Jover’s influence behind the scenes has undoubtedly been pivotal in shaping the team’s set-piece success rate. As the Gunners continue their campaign from the solid position of third place in the Premier League table with 58 points accrued from 26 league fixtures, their upcoming matchup against Sheffield United presents another opportunity for Jover’s meticulous preparation and strategic acumen to shine through in unlocking crucial set-piece opportunities for Arsenal’s quest for victory. Rice’s acknowledgment underscores the essential role of dedicated coaches like Jover in shaping the team’s performance and success on the field.

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