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Arsenal troll Manchester United after it wins the Emirates FA Cup

Manchester United won the Emirates FA Cup after they defeated Manchester City but Arsenal then later went on to troll them afterwards.



( Arsenal vs Manchester United / Photo via Getty )

The dust has settled on a thrilling FA Cup final, with Manchester United emerging victorious over Manchester City at Wembley. While the Red Devils celebrated their triumph, a subtle online jab from Arsenal sparked a flurry of reactions on social media.

Despite finishing second in the Premier League and securing the Community Shield, Arsenal couldn’t resist a playful dig at their rivals following the FA Cup final. The Gunners, known for their strong social media presence, took to Twitter to boast about their superior FA Cup trophy count, posting: “14 FA Cup trophies for the Arsenal.”

While the post was undoubtedly intended as lighthearted banter, it didn’t escape the notice of many fans and commentators, who perceived it as a subtle jab at Manchester United’s recent success.

The contrasting fortunes of the two clubs, with Arsenal narrowly missing out on the Premier League title and United claiming a major domestic trophy, provided a backdrop for the online exchange. Arsenal’s post, while undeniably tongue-in-cheek, may have been seen as a slight attempt to downplay the significance of Manchester United’s achievement.

Ultimately, the online interaction between the two clubs highlighted the competitive spirit and playful rivalry that exists between them. Whether it was intended as a friendly dig or a more pointed jab, Arsenal’s social media post certainly added an extra layer of intrigue to the aftermath of the FA Cup final, sparking conversation amongst fans and highlighting the power of social media in modern football.

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