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Arteta reveals the special person that could get him the Premier League title

Arsenal are currently second on the Premier League table but have a chance of winning the title and Arteta has revealed the special person that can help him.



( Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta / Photo via Getty )

As Arsenal prepare for their final Premier League showdown against Everton, manager Mikel Arteta has revealed a surprising source of inspiration: David Moyes, the manager of their title rivals, Manchester City’s final opponent, West Ham United.

“He’s been instrumental & so important in my career, not only as a footballer, but as a person,” Arteta shared about his former manager, who guided him during his early days at Everton. “He could help us to fulfil our dream, my personal dream to win the Premier League – that would be unbelievable.”

The unlikely scenario presents a fascinating twist in the title race. Arsenal, currently sitting two points behind Manchester City, require not only a victory against Everton but also a West Ham upset over the reigning champions. Arteta, however, isn’t hoping for a City defeat out of malice but out of respect for the influence Moyes has had on his career.

Arteta’s words reveal a deep appreciation for Moyes’ mentorship, acknowledging the vital role he played in his development both on and off the pitch. This sentiment transcends the competitive nature of the league, highlighting the shared history and respect between two managers.

While the outcome of West Ham’s match will ultimately be determined by their own performance, Arteta’s hope underlines the intricate web of connections in football. A victory for West Ham, potentially facilitated by Moyes, could pave the way for Arsenal’s title triumph, a dream scenario for the current manager who credits his former mentor for shaping his journey.

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