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Premier League legend reveals how Arsenal could secure the title on final day

Arsenal are currently in the second position on the Premier League table and a football legend has opened how the gunners could secure the title.



( Arsenal players celebrating / Photo via Getty )

Premier League legend Jamie Carragher has offered a sobering assessment of Arsenal’s title chances, suggesting only an extraordinary turn of events can see them snatch the trophy from Manchester City on the final day.

With Arsenal trailing City by two points, Carragher believes the Gunners need a miracle. “Listen, anything can happen in a football game. We’ve seen strange things happen,” he acknowledged. However, he quickly emphasized the daunting challenge ahead: “The only way something could happen, I think, is if Man City have a player get sent off at 0-0. I can’t see City in any way not winning that game 11v11. So, something really freakish would have to happen.”

Carragher’s skepticism stems from City’s dominance and their seemingly straightforward final fixture against West Ham. While Arsenal secured a crucial 1-0 victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford, keeping their slim hopes alive, they face a significant uphill battle. Even a convincing win against Everton in their final game at the Emirates Stadium may not be enough if City secure a routine victory.

Carragher’s comments highlight the reality of Arsenal’s situation. While mathematically still in the race, they are heavily reliant on a highly improbable scenario unfolding in City’s game. The Gunners will undoubtedly fight for victory against Everton, hoping for a miracle, but Carragher’s assessment suggests a City title triumph is all but inevitable.

I enjoy football so much and I am in love with Arsenal Football Club. I always watch the matches and will always give you my opinions about the game here.

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