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Martinelli reveals the special way that his father made him become a successful player



( Arsenal winger Gabriel Martinelli / Photo via Getty )

Gabriel Martinelli’s journey from the streets of Guarulhos, Brazil, to the hallowed turf of the Emirates Stadium is a testament to talent, hard work, and the unwavering support of a father with a dream. “My father always dreamed of having a footballer son,” Martinelli revealed in a recent interview, “I was born when he was already 40, and this desire of him was still stronger than ever.”

It was a dream that his father instilled in him from an early age, a dream that took root in the small square of their hometown, where Martinelli’s father became his first coach and mentor. “I think the first sentence I understood in my life was the one he always repeated: ‘When you turn six, I’m going to take you to a test’,” Martinelli shared, adding, “I had no idea what a test was, much less ‘when I was six’. But he always repeated it.”

These early lessons, the simple joy of playing football with his father, laid the foundation for Martinelli’s passion. “We would play football in the little square in my hometown Guarulhos, and my father would show me how to catch the ball, how to protect it, insisting that I should kick hard with my left leg too,” Martinelli explained. His father’s guidance, his dedication to nurturing his son’s potential, was instrumental in Martinelli’s development.

The bond between father and son, the shared love for the beautiful game, is evident in Martinelli’s words. “He was serious about it, but soon I understood that football was the most fun thing to do in life. I started to love the game,” he said. “Just imagine, a little kid with his father always present, encouraging, supporting, the two sharing happy moments — wow, it was wonderful.” This shared passion, this dream woven into the fabric of their relationship, has undoubtedly played a major role in Martinelli’s remarkable journey to becoming a Premier League star.

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