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REVEALED: The prophecy that Ronaldinho made on Arsenal’s Martinelli



Back in 2020, football legend Ronaldinho made a bold prediction about young Arsenal forward Gabriel Martinelli, comparing him to the legendary Ronaldo Nazário. He saw in the Brazilian youngster a similar hunger, fearlessness, and desire to attack, traits that had made Ronaldo a global phenomenon.

“He reminds me of Ronaldo,” Ronaldinho said, highlighting Martinelli’s eagerness to take on defenders and find the back of the net. “He wanted the ball, he would run at players, there was no fear no matter what players or team he was playing against and I see that similar attitude in Martinelli. He just wants to be on the ball and score goals.”

Fast forward to the present, and Martinelli has continued to blossom into a key player for Arsenal. Although he’s yet to reach the stratospheric heights of Ronaldo, his performances in the 2023/24 season, where he scored 6 goals and provided 4 assists in the Premier League, show he’s well on his way to fulfilling Ronaldinho’s prophecy. His pace, trickery, and clinical finishing have become a major weapon in Arsenal’s arsenal.

The 2023/24 season saw Arsenal narrowly miss out on the Premier League title, finishing just two points behind Manchester City. While they’re still striving for that ultimate prize, Martinelli’s continued growth and development are crucial to their ambitions. As he gains more experience and confidence, his impact on the team is only set to increase, potentially mirroring the legendary career of the player Ronaldinho compared him to. Whether he reaches Ronaldo’s status or not, Martinelli’s journey is one worth watching, proving Ronaldinho’s keen eye for talent and his ability to spot the next generation of football stars.

I enjoy football so much and I am in love with Arsenal Football Club. I always watch the matches and will always give you my opinions about the game here.

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