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We are the leading Arsenal online news publishing website operating in Uganda but with a community of writers from all over the world. We consider ourselves an international Arsenal news publishing site which writes high quality correct news which enlightens a gunner about the latest news about his team.

We have operated for a long time and we have much experience in writing many different types of articles be it general news, match reports, match previews, and transfer news and rumors going on about Arsenal.

Arsenal True Fans was just  a simple online publication  ran by dedicated Arsenal supporters in Uganda who just volunteered to be writing for gooners out there  articles but we have since grown to one of the most trusted websites on the web for the latest Arsenal news.


Arsenal True Fans goal is to bring all gunners from all over the world here by publishing news for them to read and air out their opinions because we promise to never turn off our comment boxes because we believe that every Arsenal supporter deserves to have his or her opinion.


  • We seek to provide latest news about Arsenal
  • We seek to be a reliable source for Arsenal news
  • We seek to be more professional in article writing.
  • We seek to have new visitors  everyday


ARSENAL TRUE FANS vision is to be a recognized and recommended blog by Arsenal’s official website as a trusted source for the  latest Arsenal news.



Mumbere Osbert: He is our chief editor who also acts as an author on our site. He is from Uganda.

Mumbere Ausbel: He is a dedicated author on the site and is a regular writer for most articles. He is from Uganda.

Litwayi S. Mazeze: He is from Zambia and is a massive supporter of Arsenal and also enjoys writing analysis based articles.

Mbambu Janet: She is a writer and usually writes in depth reviews about played matches. She is from Uganda.

Thembo Elijah: Another dedicated author who also writes regularly. He is from Uganda.

Olikenyo: A writer at the site and his specialty is writing match previews of up coming matches. He is from Nigeria.

Tony Vegas aka The Long Shadow: He is currently not with us but he is a dedicated writer that writes in-depth review articles. He is from United Kingdom.

Ilonu Michael: He is a very good writer who is very happy about writing analytical articles about Arsenal. He is from Nigeria.

Hunkokoe Oluwatobi: He is a very calm person who is happy to be a writer here and enjoys watching football matches.

Oladipo Michael: He is a great lover of sports and is a well skilled football writer who can write high quality articles.

Richard St.Michaels-Ojei: He is also a great writer from Nigeria who prefers writing analytical articles.

Shahid Kaba: He is a writer from Uganda and writes high quality articles which have been fully researched.

We also have some contributors that send us some articles and we are also grateful to them.

We appreciate our readers who motivate us to be writing more.