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Editorial Standards

Arsenal True Fans  is committed to publish and to produce original content whenever possible. On rare occasions we work as a publication and team of authors who curate over the news. While referring to the original new sources, our editors and authors offer more in-depth content – comments, analysis, statistical and other information – we define as useful for our visitors.

Arsenal True Fans authors are committed to truth and accuracy. We cannot guarantee the credibility of the sources we refer to, but we guarantee that we shall not make any speculations and we shall not distribute any unverified or fake news in our own content.

Arsenal True Fans Editors

Arsenal True Fans editors are committed to approach all information and news items fairly, without changing the facts or without a prior judgment. Readers would expect ATF to represent different points of view and opposing views when it comes to analytical content, if any.

Arsenal True Fans editors don’t have an obligation to publish any official texts, statements of press releases directly as they are published though any news editions or other media channels, or sent to us.

Arsenal True Fans editors often publish or refer to news, stories, analysis or opinions, expressed by any person or an entity involved. When we do so, we state clearly and in details the person’s and/or the entity’s name and involvement into any particular business or field of activity.

Arsenal True Fans editors believe that the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own is immoral and one of the media’s (and Internet publications in particular) worst wrongdoings. It is a ATF’ policy to credit the media, journalists that and writer’s who develop news and stories. An attribution of material from such media sources is a must for ATF editors. They are always quoted and respected by us.

As Arsenal True Fans works very much as a news and stories curator, sometimes ATF editors don’t separate the news items from the commentary and editorials. However, our analytical publications – predictions, opinions, editorials or other similar content – are marked clear in the content and don’t tweak or change any facts used in the news.

Arsenal True Fans editors believe that “telling the facts” must be the primary objective of any media source, despite that many Internet media and posts simply ignore that.

Arsenal True Fans team is committed to ours readers and to the public, not to the private interests of our owners. Despite that we make money from advertisers, we understand that ads are supplemental to the quality content, which must be useful for our readers and should serve them, not our advertisers or advertising agencies,

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