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The only problem in Kai Havertz’s move to Arsenal has been revealed to fans

Arsenal announced the arrival of Kai Havertz a few days ago and a new report has revealed the only problem with the deal.



( Arsenal forward Kai Havertz / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal fans have been buzzing with excitement after the club completed the signing of 24-year-old German international Kai Havertz from Chelsea for a whopping £65 million. However, recent reports by The Bild have shed light on what some fans believe could be the only problem with this high-profile transfer.

According to The Bild, Havertz has instantly become Arsenal’s top earner after penning a staggering £17 million-a-year deal. This means that the talented midfielder will be earning an eye-watering £331,000 per week. But that’s not all – Havertz’s contract also includes additional incentives based on Arsenal’s success on the pitch, potentially making him even richer.

This news has raised concerns among some Arsenal supporters who fear that such a hefty salary package for Havertz could disrupt the club’s wage structure and cause unrest among other players. Prior to Havertz’s arrival, Bukayo Saka held the title of being Arsenal’s highest earner with his new bumper £300,000-a-week contract.

While it is undeniable that Havertz is a highly talented player who has proven himself at both club and international level, some fans argue that his arrival may upset the balance within the squad. They believe that such exorbitant wages for one player could create jealousy and discontent among other players who may feel undervalued in comparison.

However, there are also those who argue that in order to attract top talent like Havertz, Arsenal must be willing to pay top wages. They believe that if Arsenal wants to compete with other elite clubs in Europe, they need to invest in star players and reward them accordingly.

Furthermore, it is important to note that football is a business and clubs must make financial decisions based on their own circumstances. If Arsenal believes that investing in Havertz will bring them success both on and off the pitch, then they may consider his high salary as a necessary expense.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether Havertz’s arrival and his hefty salary will have any negative impact on Arsenal’s squad dynamics. It will be up to the players, coaching staff, and management to ensure that everyone remains focused on the collective goal of achieving success for the club.

For now, Arsenal fans can bask in the excitement of signing a player of Havertz’s caliber and hope that his arrival will bring a new era of success to the Emirates Stadium. Whether or not his high wages become a problem, only time will tell.


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