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The interesting and significant thing on Magalhaes omission from Forest’s game starting XI

Arsenal centre back Gabriel Magalhaes was not in the starting eleven of the gunners that faced Nottingham Forest and here’s the interesting thing about it.



( Arsenal centre back Gabriel Magalhaes / Photo via Getty )

Gabriel Magalhaes, the Brazilian center-back, has been a key figure in Arsenal’s defense since his arrival at the club. However, his omission from the starting eleven in Arsenal’s Premier League 2023/24 season opener against Nottingham Forest raised eyebrows among fans and pundits alike. The most interesting and significant aspect of this decision is that Gabriel had started an impressive 73 consecutive Premier League games before being left out.

Gabriel’s run of consecutive starts is a remarkable achievement in itself. It showcases his consistency, reliability, and importance to the team. To start such a large number of games consecutively requires not only skill but also physical fitness and mental strength. It demonstrates Gabriel’s ability to maintain high performance levels over an extended period.

The decision to omit Gabriel from the starting lineup against Nottingham Forest suggests that there might be underlying reasons behind it. It could be a tactical choice by the manager or a response to Gabriel’s form or fitness concerns. Whatever the reason may be, it highlights the depth and competition within Arsenal’s squad.


ST ALBANS, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 09: Gabriel Magalhaes of Arsenal during the Arsenal Media Photocall at London Colney on September 09, 2020 in St Albans, England. (Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

From a tactical perspective, leaving out Gabriel could have been a strategic move by the manager to adapt to Nottingham Forest’s style of play or exploit their weaknesses. Managers often make such decisions based on their analysis of opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, aiming to maximize their team’s chances of success. This omission could have been part of a larger game plan designed specifically for this particular match.

Another possibility is that Gabriel might have been dealing with an injury or fatigue issues that required him to be rested for this game. Playing 73 consecutive matches without any breaks can take its toll on even the fittest players. Resting him for one game could help prevent potential injuries or burnout later in the season.

Furthermore, Gabriel’s omission highlights the strength in depth within Arsenal’s squad. With several talented defenders at their disposal, manager Mikel Arteta has the luxury of rotating his players to keep them fresh and maintain healthy competition for starting spots. This depth is crucial for a team aiming to compete on multiple fronts throughout the season.

While Gabriel’s omission from the starting eleven against Nottingham Forest may have surprised some, it also serves as a reminder that no player is guaranteed a place in the team solely based on past performances. Football is a dynamic sport, and managers must make decisions based on current form, fitness levels, and tactical considerations.

In conclusion, Gabriel Magalhaes’ omission from Arsenal’s starting lineup after an impressive run of 73 consecutive Premier League starts is an interesting and significant development. It highlights his consistency and importance to the team while also showcasing the depth and competition within Arsenal’s squad. Whether it was a tactical decision or a response to form or fitness concerns, this omission serves as a reminder that no player is immune to being left out of the starting eleven.

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