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Arteta makes one big demand to fans ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Newcastle



( Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has reached out to Arsenal fans with a significant plea ahead of their crucial match against Newcastle United, emphasizing the vital role of supporter energy in driving the team towards success. In a statement to Arsenal media, Arteta expressed, “We want to create an atmosphere in the stadium from the beginning. I ask everybody to go there tomorrow night with full energy because the team is going to need it.”

With Arsenal currently positioned 3rd on the Premier League table with 55 points in the 2023/24 campaign after 25 league games, Arteta acknowledges the importance of maintaining momentum and fan engagement as they face a pivotal phase of the season. Following a recent setback in the UEFA Champions League against Porto, Arteta highlights the significance of fan support in boosting morale and fortifying the team’s resolve to secure positive results in crucial fixtures.

The upcoming clash against Newcastle United at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday, 24th February 2024, holds immense significance for Arsenal’s league aspirations, making Arteta’s call for fan involvement all the more critical. Emphasizing the team’s strong position in the Premier League and the need to sustain their form, Arteta underlines the essential role of a vibrant stadium atmosphere in propelling Arsenal towards victory.

As Arsenal looks to maintain their competitive edge and secure important points in the league, Arteta’s request for enthusiastic fan participation underscores the unity and collective effort required to achieve their goals. Arsenal fans are urged to rally behind their team, infuse the Emirates Stadium with unwavering support, and play a pivotal role in fueling the Gunners’ pursuit of success in the upcoming showdown against Newcastle United.

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