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Arteta reveals the funny way that he describes his star man Declan Rice



( Mikel Arteta and Declan Rice / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has shed light on his unique way of describing star player Declan Rice, unveiling a humorous yet insightful comparison that encapsulates the midfielder’s impact on the team. Arteta’s analogy likened Rice to a lighthouse, showcasing his perspective on the player’s commanding presence and influential role within the squad.

In Arteta’s words, he humorously remarked, “If I had to describe him with a picture, it would be a lighthouse. This is how I see him. His pressing, he’s overlooking everything, he’s bringing light & clarity & guidance for everybody.” The manager’s metaphor of Rice as a lighthouse paints a vivid picture of the player’s ability to illuminate the team’s dynamics, offering direction and visibility in the midst of challenges on the field.

Highlighting Rice’s leadership qualities, Arteta emphasized, “That’s his biggest quality. He is a leader, he’s still very young & a lot to learn, but he’s got the right foundations to become an incredible player for us.” The manager’s praise for Rice’s leadership potential and growth trajectory underlines the esteem in which he holds the midfielder and hints at a promising future ahead.

With Arsenal currently positioned in 3rd place on the Premier League table with 55 points after 25 league games in the ongoing 2023/24 campaign, Arteta’s humorous depiction of Rice as a lighthouse injects a touch of whimsy into the team’s dynamics. As the Gunners gear up to face Newcastle United in their next league encounter, the manager’s playful yet insightful portrayal of Rice offers a glimpse into the strong camaraderie and mutual respect shared within the Arsenal ranks as they strive for success on the pitch.

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