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Ben White reveals why he plays ‘dirty football’ in Arsenal matches



( Arsenal defender Ben White / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal defender Ben White has provided insight into his approach on the pitch, shedding light on the tactical ‘dirty tricks’ he employs during matches to ensure his team’s success. White, who has been a consistent presence in the right-back position for Arsenal throughout the season, opened up about his pragmatic style of play in a recent interview with The Standard.

Addressing his willingness to commit cynical fouls when necessary, White explained, “If I don’t do that, they will probably score. It comes back to doing anything to win. I know I am not going to stop everyone & I know I am not the best one-v-one defender, but I can do things to help the team in game situations against their winger.” This candid acknowledgment highlights White’s proactive approach to game situations and his commitment to utilizing all means at his disposal to secure positive outcomes for Arsenal.

White’s versatility and adaptability on the field have been instrumental in Arsenal’s success this season, with the Gunners currently occupying the third position on the Premier League table with 58 points amassed from 26 league fixtures in the ongoing 2023/24 campaign. His defensive contributions, coupled with his strategic intelligence and willingness to go the extra mile for the team, have been vital in propelling Arsenal towards their Premier League ambitions.

As White continues to refine his craft and evolve as a key figure in Arsenal’s defensive setup, his pragmatic mindset and willingness to employ ‘dirty tricks’ as necessary exemplify his commitment to the team’s cause and his unwavering desire to contribute effectively in critical game situations. Emirates Stadium faithful can rest assured that in White, they have a player who not only possesses technical prowess but also a steely determination to overcome challenges and deliver when it matters most.

I enjoy football so much and I am in love with Arsenal Football Club. I always watch the matches and will always give you my opinions about the game here.

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