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Bukayo Saka reveals who on Messi and Ronaldo is his idol



( Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal’s talented winger Bukayo Saka recently shared insights into his footballing journey and revealed the identity of his idol who greatly influenced his development both on and off the pitch. Reflecting on his admiration for a footballing legend, Saka expressed profound respect for Cristiano Ronaldo, stating, “Personally, I can’t imagine playing for as long as Ronaldo), and that’s why I have so much respect for him.”

Saka went on to elaborate on the impact Ronaldo had on him during his formative years, unveiling the Portuguese star as his idol. As Saka transitioned into the realm of professional football, his reverence for Ronaldo only deepened. He remarked, “Obviously when I was younger, he was my idol, but now that I’m playing football professionally, I have even more respect for him, how he’s managed to stay this disciplined and this focused and achieve everything he’s achieved, so yeah, he’s special.”

The acknowledgment of Ronaldo’s enduring legacy and his unwavering dedication serves as a source of inspiration for Saka as he navigates his own career in the footballing world. Saka’s words offer a glimpse into the level of admiration and respect he holds for a player of Ronaldo’s caliber, highlighting the profound impact that role models can have on aspiring young athletes like himself.

As Saka continues to make his mark at Arsenal and beyond, his reverence for Ronaldo underscores the importance of having mentors and figures to look up to in the pursuit of excellence on the field. Saka’s journey, shaped by the admiration for a footballing icon, serves as a testament to the power of inspiration and dedication in achieving one’s goals in the world of professional football.

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