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Statistics show how Arsenal fan favourite player has been injury prone since he joined



( Emirates Stadium )

A revealing statistic has shed light on the injury woes of Arsenal fan favorite Thomas Partey since his arrival at the Emirates Stadium in 2020. The data indicates that the Ghanaian midfielder has only started 53% of Arsenal’s Premier League matches since his transfer, highlighting a concerning trend of persistence injury setbacks impacting his availability for selection.

Despite being a highly regarded and influential presence in the Arsenal squad, Partey’s on-field contributions have been marred by recurring fitness issues, leading to a significant proportion of matches where he has been unable to feature from the starting lineup. This statistic underscores the challenges that Partey has faced in maintaining consistent participation in league fixtures, raising questions about his durability and ability to stay fit over prolonged periods.

The impact of Partey’s intermittent availability on Arsenal’s midfield dynamics and overall team performance cannot be overlooked. As a player known for his defensive prowess, ball-winning abilities, and tactical astuteness, Partey’s absence due to injuries has undoubtedly posed challenges for the Gunners in maintaining stability and balance in crucial midfield battles.

With Partey’s injury proneness coming to the fore through this stark statistical revelation, Arsenal fans are left pondering the implications of his intermittent presence on the pitch and the team’s ambitions moving forward. As the club navigates the demands of the Premier League and other competitions, finding solutions to manage and mitigate Partey’s fitness concerns will be paramount in maximizing his impact and ensuring a stronger and more consistent midfield presence for Arsenal in future campaigns.

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