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Report: How Xhaka shows his different from all Arsenal players

Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka has proved how his fully different from all his teammates at the Emirates Stadium after what he did a few days ago.



( Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal were a few days ago welcomed at St James Park by Newcastle United and the Toons surprised everyone by defeating Mikel Arteta’s men 2-0 hence almost destroying their chances of getting UEFA Champions League football. Many thought that this is the game that would see Arsenal come guns blazing since UEFA Champions League was on the line after their defeat in the North London Derby but they however folded to Newcastle United.

Granit Xhaka was in the Arsenal squad that lost to Newcastle United a few days ago and he too didn’t have a nice performance with his partner Mohamed Elneny in midfield. Granit Xhaka and Mohamed Elneny failed to win the midfield battle for the gunners hence Newcastle United finding it very easy to continually put the gunners on the back foot throughout the whole game.

Even though all Arsenal players walked away in shame, Granit Xhaka who isn’t even captain proved to be different from all players as he fully faced the media and opened up on how embarrassing they were in that game. Xhaka was very open in his message as he slammed the whole squad and even said that they don’t deserve UEFA Champions League. It was refreshing from other times where players just let the manager face the brunt of all questions.

“I don’t know, if your minds not ready for this match, stay at home. Simple as it, no? Doesn’t matter about age, you can be 35, 10, you can be 18 if you’re not ready for that – nervous – stay on the bench, stay at home, don’t come here.” said Granit Xhaka telling reporters.

“We need people who have the balls, sorry to say that, we’re here to play because we knew this game was one of the most important for us. When you perform like this it is not accepted (sic). Very, very sad for us, very, very disappointing for us, I feel very, very sorry for the people who came here to support us, feel very, very sorry for the Arsenal supporters.”

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