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Jorginho reveals the world changing advice that he’s been giving young players

Arsenal midfielder Jorginho has opened up to his other side that most people don’t know about and revealed the advice that he’s been giving the young players.



In a recent interview, 31-year-old Arsenal midfielder Jorginho shared some valuable life advice that he has been giving to young players. The Brazilian player expressed his concern over the extravagant lifestyles that some young athletes tend to adopt.

Jorginho revealed that he often notices young players flaunting their wealth by constantly changing cars, buying expensive watches, and indulging in luxurious brands. He believes that this excessive display of material possessions is unnecessary and can be detrimental to their long-term success.

“Sometimes I see one car one week and, next month, another car. Then I’m like, ‘Whoa, come on.’ I need to speak with the guy,” Jorginho stated in an interview as per journalist Chris Wheatley.

The midfielder emphasized that young players should focus on their careers and invest wisely rather than spending lavishly on unnecessary items. He believes that excessive spending can distract them from their goals and hinder their progress as professional athletes.

“Too many watches, too many cars. And diamonds. And clothes. And brands. And private jets,” Jorginho expressed his concerns about the extravagant lifestyles of some young players. “And I’m like, ‘It’s a bit too much, isn’t it?'”

Jorginho’s advice stems from his own experiences and understanding of the challenges faced by professional athletes. He believes that financial stability and responsible spending are crucial for long-term success both on and off the field.

The Arsenal midfielder’s words serve as a reminder for young players to prioritize their careers and make wise financial decisions. While it is natural for successful athletes to enjoy the fruits of their labor, it is important not to lose sight of what truly matters – hard work, dedication, and continuous improvement.

Jorginho’s guidance highlights the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle while pursuing a career in professional sports. By focusing on personal growth rather than material possessions, young players can set themselves up for long-term success and fulfillment both on and off the field.


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