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Jesus speaks out on the supposed magical Dubai trip that improved Arsenal’s form

Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus has opened up on the supposed magical Dubai trip that has been credited to having improved the form of the gunners.



( Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus has downplayed the notion that the team’s winter break trip to Dubai was the sole reason behind their impressive run of form. While acknowledging the trip’s importance, he emphasized the significance of hard work and focus in their recent success.

“People think it was some sort of magic moment in Dubai, but it wasn’t,” Jesus told Arsenal’s official website. “I think we focused really hard, played with a smile on our faces, and we started to play really well when we got back. We worked really hard in Dubai, and it was important.”

Jesus’s comments shed light on the team’s dedication and commitment to improvement. The Dubai trip served as a valuable opportunity for the players to bond, recharge, and refocus on their goals. However, the striker emphasized that it was the hard work and dedication during and after the trip that truly made the difference.

Arsenal’s form since the Dubai trip has been remarkable, with only one defeat in the Premier League. This consistency and resilience can be attributed to the team’s renewed focus and determination, as highlighted by Jesus. The trip provided a platform for the players to connect on a deeper level and develop a stronger sense of unity, which has translated into success on the field.

Jesus’s words serve as a reminder that success is not achieved through magical moments but rather through consistent hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset. The Dubai trip played a role in Arsenal’s journey, but it was the team’s commitment to excellence and unwavering focus that ultimately paved the way for their impressive run of form.

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