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Oleksandr Zinchenko reveals the unknown person that made him join Arsenal



( Arsenal left back Zinchenko / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal left back Oleksandr Zinchenko has revealed an interesting anecdote about his transfer to the club last year. In an interview with FootballLives, Zinchenko disclosed that it was a mysterious “secret agent” who played a crucial role in convincing him to join Arsenal.

Zinchenko explained that he had already had a conversation with Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and general director Edu about their vision for him at the club. However, during this meeting at his house, there was an unexpected interruption. The doorbell rang, and to Zinchenko’s surprise, it was none other than his Gabriel Jesus.

The presence of Jesus as this “secret agent” added an intriguing twist to Zinchenko’s decision-making process. It seems that Jesus had been enlisted by Arsenal to help persuade Zinchenko to make the move. The exact details of their conversation remain unknown, but it clearly had a significant impact on the left back’s final decision.

“Mikel [Arteta] came to my house with general director [Edu]. We had a conversation, the way they see me in the club. Suddenly, someone rings my bell. There was Gabriel Jesus, so secret agent came to my house [to convince me to join].” Oleksandr Zinchenko told FootballLives.

Interestingly, both Zinchenko and Jesus joined Arsenal in the same transfer window, although Jesus’ move was completed earlier. This suggests that Arsenal had been working behind the scenes to secure both players’ services and went to great lengths to ensure their successful acquisitions.

Zinchenko’s revelation sheds light on the often unseen efforts made by clubs during transfer negotiations. It highlights how personal connections and persuasive tactics can play a crucial role in convincing players to join a particular team.

Since joining Arsenal, Zinchenko has become an integral part of Arteta’s squad. His versatility and technical ability have made him a valuable asset for the team, contributing both defensively and offensively from his left-back position.

While the identity of this mysterious secret agent may remain unknown, it is clear that their intervention played a significant role in bringing Zinchenko to Arsenal. This story serves as a reminder that transfers are not solely determined by financial negotiations but can also be influenced by personal relationships and unexpected encounters.

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