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Arsenal Football Club release a statement on the current Israel-Gaza conflict



( Emirates Stadium / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal Football Club has today released a statement on the current conflict between Israel and Gaza. Here is the statement by the North London club that was posted on their official Twitter account.

“We express our deep sorrow to all those impacted by the attacks in Israel on Saturday and the unfolding human tragedy of the past week, claiming innocent lives in both Israel and Gaza. We stand alongside all our supporters and our communities worldwide affected by this conflict.”

“Together as a club, we will remember all those who have lost their lives and pay our respects at our forthcoming women’s and men’s fixtures against Aston Villa and Chelsea.”


As a global football club, Arsenal recognizes the importance of using their platform to promote unity and peace. This statement reflects their commitment to standing in solidarity with their supporters and communities worldwide who have been affected by this conflict.

In addition to their statement, the club has also taken action by honoring those who have lost their lives at their upcoming matches. This serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of conflicts and the need for unity and compassion in times of tragedy.

Arsenal Football Club’s statement is a testament to their values and their dedication to making a positive impact in the world. As a beloved team with a global fan base, they have the ability to bring people together and spread messages of peace and solidarity. This statement serves as a reminder that football is more than just a game, it is a powerful force for good.

I just love writing and football so much ever since the 2000's when football got popular in our country. I am a self esteemed person who believes is am always right.

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