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Arteta makes an angry statement on officiating seen in Arsenal’s defeat against Newcastle



( Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has expressed his frustration and anger at the officiating in his team’s recent defeat against Newcastle United. Following the match, Arteta made a series of strong statements, criticizing the decision-making process and expressing his disappointment in the state of the Premier League.

Arteta stated, “If there was a team looking to win the game today, it was Arsenal.” He went on to describe the goal that sealed their defeat as “embarrassing” and questioned how such a decision could stand in a league that claims to be the best in the world. Arteta, who has spent 20 years in England, admitted feeling ashamed and labeled it a disgrace.

The Arsenal manager emphasized that there is too much at stake in this league and that his team is striving to achieve incredible things at the highest level each week. He acknowledged that when they are not good enough, he takes responsibility. However, he firmly believes that the outcome of this particular match falls far below the standard required for such a prestigious league.

“The outcome is nowhere near the level this league needs to have and the way this league is getting competed in. It’s not good enough. I feel embarrassed to be part of this.”

Arteta expressed his disappointment with how games are being competed in and stated that it is simply not good enough. He even admitted feeling embarrassed to be part of it all. These strong words highlight Arteta’s passion for his team’s success and his desire for fair competition within football.

In their recent match against Newcastle United, Arsenal suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat. The game was closely contested, with both teams having opportunities to score. However, it was Newcastle who ultimately secured victory through Gordon’s close-range tap-in after a lengthy VAR check.

Despite Arsenal piling on pressure in search of an equalizer, they were unable to break down Newcastle’s defense effectively. This loss marks Arsenal’s first defeat of the Premier League season and leaves them in third place on the table with 24 points.

Looking ahead, Arsenal will face Sevilla in their upcoming UEFA Champions League fixture at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday. As they aim to bounce back from their recent disappointment, Arteta will undoubtedly be hoping for improved officiating and better results for his team moving forward.

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