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Arsenal fan discovers pattern that shows they’ll lose to Liverpool in coming weeks

Arsenal will play against Liverpool in the coming weeks and an a fan of the North Londoners has discovered a pattern that shows that they will lose this game.



( Arsenal Vs Liverpool / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal fans have recently discovered a pattern that could potentially spell trouble for their team in the upcoming game against Liverpool. A fan pointed out that Arsenal’s last three Premier League defeats have all been Saturday 5.30pm kick offs away from home, and their next away game is scheduled for Saturday 23rd December against Liverpool at the same time.

This revelation has caused some concern among Arsenal supporters, as they fear that this pattern could indicate a potential loss for their team. The fact that their next away game fits the criteria of the pattern has only added to their apprehension.

Currently, Arsenal is in 2nd position on the Premier League table with 36 points after 16 league games in the 2023/24 campaign. Their recent game was a Premier League match against Aston Villa at Villa Park, which ended in a one-nil victory for The Villains. Their next game will be against PSV in the UEFA Champions League at Philips Stadion on 12th December, 2023.

While patterns and superstitions can sometimes play a role in sports, it’s important to remember that every game is different and anything can happen on the day. Whether or not this pattern holds true remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain – Arsenal fans will be watching the upcoming game against Liverpool with bated breath.

I enjoy football so much and I am in love with Arsenal Football Club. I always watch the matches and will always give you my opinions about the game here.

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