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Declan Rice reveals the careful plans they did to get win over Liverpool



( Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice has shed light on the meticulous preparations that paved the way for their triumphant performance against Liverpool, underlining the relentless dedication and focus that culminated in their crucial 3-1 victory over the league leaders. Rice articulated the significance of the game and the meticulous groundwork that contributed to Arsenal’s resounding success, providing insights into the team’s unwavering commitment to securing three vital points.

“We knew the importance of the game today, the small margins in football. Whether we’d won or lost, the gap would’ve become either bigger or smaller. The only focus today with the fans, the players, all the staff, was to win & get three points,” Rice conveyed to Arsenal media, emphasizing the team’s unwavering determination and laser focus on securing a victory that would significantly impact their standing in the league. His words encapsulate the team’s collective mindset and the gravity of the challenge they faced against the league leaders.

Rice further imparted how the positive atmosphere cultivated throughout the week leading up to the game translated into a compelling performance on the pitch. “I think from start to finish – from the training leading up to the week, it’s been really positive & that transmits onto the pitch & I think you could feel that today,” Rice remarked, highlighting the constructive and optimistic environment that permeated the team’s preparations, ultimately translating into a spirited display against Liverpool.

With Arsenal currently positioned in 2nd place on the Premier League table with 49 points after 23 league games in the 2023/24 campaign, their recent victory over Liverpool has significantly invigorated their pursuit of Premier League glory. As they prepare to face West Ham United in their upcoming Premier League fixture, Rice’s reflections on the team’s unwavering determination and positive preparations underscore the formidable mindset that continues to drive Arsenal’s ambitions as they strive to maintain their momentum and make further strides in the title race.

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