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REVEALED: One of the surprising thing behind Arteta’s Arsenal success this season

Arsenal have been outstanding this season as they are in the Premier League title race and here is a surprising thing about the gunners this season.



( Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta / Photo via Getty )

One of the most surprising and defining features of Arsenal’s season has been their ability to strike early and often in matches. The statistic highlighting this trend is remarkable: “Arsenal have scored more goals in the opening 15 minutes of matches this season than any other team in the Premier League (11).” This early goal-scoring prowess has not only contributed significantly to their points tally but has also set the tone for their dominant performances throughout the campaign.

Several factors contribute to Arsenal’s early-game success:

High-Intensity Pressing: Arteta’s side employs a high-pressing system from the opening whistle, forcing opponents into mistakes and creating turnovers in dangerous areas. This aggressive approach often catches teams off guard and allows Arsenal to capitalize on early opportunities.
Attacking Intent and Confidence: Arsenal’s attacking players have displayed a fearless and direct approach, taking risks and going for goal early in matches. This confidence and attacking intent have resulted in quick goals and put opponents on the back foot.
Set-Piece Threat: Arsenal has been effective in utilizing set pieces to their advantage, scoring several goals from corners and free kicks in the opening minutes of games.

The impact of Arsenal’s early goals is multifaceted:

Early Leads: Scoring early provides Arsenal with a crucial advantage, allowing them to control the tempo of the game and dictate play. It also forces opponents to chase the game, creating spaces for Arsenal to exploit.
Psychological Boost: Early goals provide a significant psychological boost for Arsenal players, instilling confidence and belief in their ability to dominate the match.
Pressure on Opponents: Conceding early goals puts immense pressure on opponents, forcing them to adjust their tactics and take more risks, which can further benefit Arsenal’s attacking play.

Arsenal’s ability to consistently score early goals has been a key factor in their impressive season, showcasing their attacking prowess, tactical astuteness, and mental fortitude. As they continue their pursuit of the Premier League title, their fast starts will remain a crucial weapon in their arsenal.

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