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Jorginho gives his Arsenal teammates and fans valuable advice concerning the title race



( Arsenal midfielder Jorginho and Saliba / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal’s midfielder Jorginho has expressed his preference for assuming the underdog role in this season’s Premier League title race, advocating for humility, hard work, and unwavering belief as guiding principles towards success. Speaking to The Standard, Jorginho articulated his perspective on navigating the challenges of vying for the Premier League crown.

“I like to be underdogs. Let people speak, we need to stay humble, keep working hard and keep believing. Then we’ll see where we are going to get,” Jorginho remarked, highlighting the importance of maintaining a humble demeanor, putting in the necessary effort, and sustaining faith in the team’s capabilities.

As it stands, Arsenal holds the 3rd position on the Premier League table with 58 points accumulated from 26 games in the current 2023/24 campaign, positioning themselves as formidable contenders in the title race. Their recent triumph over Newcastle United at the Emirates Stadium, securing a commanding 4-1 victory, underscored their potential and determination in pursuit of glory.

Looking ahead to their upcoming clash against Sheffield United at Bramall Lane on Monday, 4th March, 2024, Jorginho’s words resonate as a guiding ethos for the team. Embracing the role of underdogs, Arsenal aims to channel their humility, diligence, and belief in order to defy expectations and chart a path towards potential success in the league.

Jorginho’s insight offers a glimpse into Arsenal’s mindset as they navigate the competitive landscape of the Premier League, poised to leverage their underdog status as a source of motivation and inspiration in their quest for greatness.

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