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Brentford manager Frank makes a salty statement after Arsenal beats his side



( Arsenal Vs Brentford / Photo via Getty )

Following Arsenal’s 2-1 victory over Brentford at the Emirates Stadium, Brentford manager Thomas Frank expressed his frustration with the match’s outcome, specifically highlighting a contentious incident involving Arsenal’s Havertz. Frank’s comments to Hayters TV reflected his belief that Havertz’s actions warranted further disciplinary action during the game.

“With Havertz, it’s a clear, clear dive – I wish they’d just admit it. That should have been a second yellow card & a red card & then he wouldn’t be able to score the winner,” Frank asserted, suggesting that Havertz should have faced consequences for his alleged simulation, which could have potentially altered the course of the match.

Despite Rice giving Arsenal the lead with a powerful header, Brentford fought back with determination, only to succumb to a late goal by Havertz that sealed the Gunners’ victory. Frank’s frustration stemmed from what he perceived as a missed opportunity for proper officiating that could have impacted the result in Brentford’s favor.

As Arsenal claimed the win that propelled them to the top of the Premier League table, Frank’s comments shed light on the emotions running high after a closely contested match. With Brentford looking to regroup and focus on their upcoming fixture against Burnley, Frank’s disappointment over the perceived missed call involving Havertz serves as a reminder of the intensity and passion that characterizes the world of football, where decisions on the pitch can spark debates and controversies long after the final whistle has blown.

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