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Ramsdale reveals how Arsenal fans have treated him after losing number to Raya



( Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has spoken candidly about his relationship with the fans following his displacement from the first-choice goalkeeper position to on-loan David Raya this season. Despite his reduced playing time, Ramsdale has expressed gratitude for the unwavering support he has received from the Arsenal faithful throughout this challenging period.

“Especially this year with the situation I’ve found myself in, they have been extra special,” Ramsdale acknowledged in an interview with Arsenal Media. Reflecting on the fans’ continued backing, he shared, “Even before games when my name is read out, I’ve heard the cheers, and warming up people still want to give me a wave. I think that’s kept me going more than I realized this season.”

The England international, who has made only six Premier League appearances out of the 28 league games played, highlighted the significance of the fans’ support during tough times. Despite the competitive nature of football and the changing dynamics of team selection, Ramsdale emphasized the fans’ role in boosting his morale and resilience.

Ramsdale further commended the Arsenal supporters for their unity and respect towards both goalkeepers. “They’ve supported whoever plays, and I think that shows great unity from the fanbase. They want the team to do well, the team comes first and I can’t thank them enough for what they do,” Ramsdale remarked appreciatively. He also recognized the fans’ dedication to the overall success of the team, emphasizing their outstanding contribution to the club’s atmosphere and spirit.

As Arsenal continues their quest for silverware this season, Ramsdale’s heartfelt acknowledgment of the fans’ unwavering support underscores the strong bond between the players and the loyal fanbase, transcending individual performances and positions on the field.

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