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Thomas Partey makes a huge promise to Arsenal fans ahead of season end



( Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey has set the tone for an exciting promise to the Arsenal fans as the team gears up for the crucial remainder of the season. After a challenging period dealing with injuries that kept him on the sidelines for an extended period, Partey is now determined to make a significant impact in the team’s campaign.

Reflecting on the team’s past successes and near misses, Thomas Partey emphasized his belief in the current Arsenal squad, highlighting the abundance of talent and the potential for achieving great things via club media. “Last year we did so well, and came very close to what we wanted to achieve.” Partey expressed his confidence in the team’s capabilities, acknowledging the presence of numerous key players who can drive the team to success.

Despite facing setbacks due to injuries, Partey spoke of his readiness to give his all for the team. “It’s been tough for me, being injured for a long time, but now I am ready to give everything I can to the team.” The midfielder shared his commitment to elevating the team’s performance, mentioning the hard work he put in during his rehabilitation to regain his peak form.

As Arsenal currently leads the Premier League table with 64 points after 28 league games in the 2023/24 campaign, the upcoming fixtures, including the showdown against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, hold immense significance. With Thomas Partey back in action and determined to contribute at his best, Arsenal fans have every reason to anticipate a thrilling conclusion to the season filled with promise and determination.

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