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Arteta tells Arsenal fans something that they should do to players after last night’s defeat



( Mikel Arteta and Jorginho / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, despite the disappointment of a 1-0 loss to Bayern Munich knocking them out of the Champions League, has issued a message to the disgruntled fans urging them to show support and praise the players in these tough moments. Arteta emphasized the importance of standing by the team regardless of the outcome of the matches.

Following the defeat at the Allianz Arena, where Bayern Munich secured their spot in the Champions League semi-finals, Arteta highlighted the beauty of what still lies ahead for Arsenal. “What we still have to play for is beautiful. We’re still playing for a Premier League and I would really want it!” expressed Arteta when addressing the media. The manager stressed the significance of backing the players in both good times and bad. “It’s time to be next to these players. It’s easy to be behind them, praise the players and talk nice things when we win 10 in a row and one draw,” Arteta remarked.

Despite the loss to Bayern Munich, Arsenal remains focused on their Premier League campaign where they currently sit in 2nd place with 71 points after 31 games. As they shift their attention to the clash against Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux Stadium, Arteta aims to rally the team and fans to maintain their support and push forward in their pursuit of success in the league. As they regroup and prepare for the upcoming challenges, Arteta’s message resonates the importance of unity and encouragement within the Arsenal community.

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