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Saliba sends a message to Arsenal fans about Manchester City



( Arsenal centre back William Saliba / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal center-back William Saliba has candidly discussed Manchester City and explained why Arsenal fans should not be wary of their rivals next season. Reflecting on the recently concluded 2023/24 season, where Arsenal finished second with 89 points, narrowly missing out on the Premier League title to Manchester City, who amassed 91 points, Saliba provided insights into the challenges ahead.

“We played against them three times [last season] and we made them struggle. They feel and we feel that we are close to them. Next year, we will have an even better war,” William Saliba told L’Équipe.

Saliba’s comments highlight the intense rivalry and the close competition between the two teams. Despite Arsenal’s strong performance throughout the season, City’s consistency and depth ultimately saw them clinch the title. Saliba’s acknowledgment of the struggles both teams faced against each other underscores the narrow margins that defined their encounters.

The French defender’s remarks suggest a sense of optimism and determination within the Arsenal camp. His reference to an “even better war” next season indicates that the Gunners are gearing up for an even more competitive campaign. This mindset will be crucial as Arsenal aims to bridge the gap and potentially surpass City in the upcoming season.

Saliba’s words also serve as a rallying cry for Arsenal fans, reminding them of the progress the team has made and the fierce competition they pose to the reigning champions. However, it also comes with a note of caution, acknowledging the formidable challenge Manchester City continues to represent.

As Arsenal prepares for the next season, supporters will be eager to see how Saliba and his teammates build on their strong foundation and push for the title. The battles between Arsenal and Manchester City are set to be some of the most anticipated fixtures, promising high stakes and thrilling football.

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