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Saliba makes statement that shows Arsenal fans that he’s got an elite mentality

Arsenal centre back William Saliba was one of the best players of the gunners last season and he has made a statement that shows the fans that he’s got an elite mentality.



( Arsenal defender William Saliba / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal centre back William Saliba has made a bold statement regarding last season, showcasing his elite mentality and determination to succeed. Despite finishing in second place in the Premier League, Saliba believes that the team had a great season and learned valuable lessons.

At just 22 years old, Saliba emerged as one of Mikel Arteta’s key players before suffering an injury towards the end of the campaign. He started an impressive 27 league games for Arsenal, demonstrating his talent and potential as a top-class defender.

Last season, Arsenal found themselves in a fierce title race with Manchester City. The Gunners were determined to win the 2022/23 Premier League title but faced a setback when they suffered a defeat against Nottingham Forest in their 37th game week. This loss ultimately cost them the trophy, as Manchester City finished with 89 points compared to Arsenal’s 84.

Despite falling short of their ultimate goal, Saliba remains positive and focused on the future. He acknowledges that the Premier League is both challenging and demanding but is eager to start again and strive for victory. His mindset reflects that of a true champion who is not satisfied with anything less than first place.

William Saliba on last season as per Daily Mail: “We had a great season & we learnt a lot. We know that the Premier League is hard & is long, we can’t wait to start again, to try & win it. At the end, we remember always the winning team, not second [place].”

Saliba’s statement highlights his competitive spirit and refusal to settle for mediocrity. He understands that winning is what truly matters and believes that people will always remember the victorious team rather than those who finish second. This mindset will undoubtedly drive him and his teammates to work harder and push for success in the upcoming season.

Furthermore, Saliba’s optimism is shared by many Arsenal fans who witnessed their team dominate the league table for an impressive ten months last season. Despite ultimately falling short, their strong performance throughout most of the campaign instills hope for future success.

As Arsenal prepares for another challenging Premier League season, Saliba’s words serve as motivation for both himself and his teammates. They are determined to learn from their past experiences, build upon their strengths, and rectify any weaknesses.

With Saliba’s return from injury and his hunger for victory, Arsenal fans can expect to see him play a crucial role in the team’s pursuit of glory. His elite mentality and determination will undoubtedly inspire those around him, creating a positive atmosphere within the squad.

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