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Arteta reveals the big mistake he hopes Arsenal doesn’t do with Declan Rice

Arsenal completed the signing of Declan Rice a few weeks ago and gunners boss Mikel Arteta has revealed the big mistake that he hopes they shouldn’t do with the English international.



( Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has spoken out about the importance of not making new signing Declan Rice worse, as he believes the 24-year-old midfielder is already an excellent player. Arteta wants to ensure that Rice’s qualities are accommodated into the team to make them better, rather than hindering his progress.

Speaking about Rice, Arteta said as per Arsenal Media, “He is a player that is already excellent, so we have to make sure that we don’t make him worse!” The Arsenal manager emphasized the need for Rice to express his personality and play the game in his own way. While Arteta aims to help him improve certain aspects of his game, he wants to ensure that Rice’s natural abilities are not stifled.

Rice’s leadership skills have also impressed Arteta. The Arsenal manager believes that the midfielder will be a valuable asset both on and off the pitch. He sees Rice as someone who can contribute significantly to the team’s approach and mentality in games. While Arteta acknowledges that these things take time and must happen naturally, he is confident that if it needs to happen, it will.

Arsenal made a significant investment in Rice by signing him for £105m from West Ham a few weeks ago. This move highlights their belief in his abilities and potential impact on the team. With this hefty price tag comes high expectations, but Arteta is determined not to let these expectations hinder Rice’s development.

The Arsenal manager understands that every player has their own unique qualities and playing style. It is crucial for him and his coaching staff to identify these strengths and find ways to incorporate them into the team’s tactics and strategies. By doing so, they can maximize Rice’s potential while also benefiting the overall performance of the squad.

Arteta’s approach reflects his commitment to nurturing talent rather than trying to change players completely. He recognizes that players like Rice bring their own set of skills and attributes which can enhance the team’s dynamics. By allowing Rice to express himself on the pitch and providing guidance where necessary, Arteta aims to create an environment where the midfielder can thrive.

The signing of Declan Rice represents Arsenal’s ambition to strengthen their squad and compete at the highest level. With Arteta at the helm, the club is focused on developing players and building a cohesive team that can challenge for titles. Rice’s arrival adds depth and quality to Arsenal’s midfield, and Arteta’s words indicate his determination to make the most of this new addition.

As Arsenal fans eagerly await Rice’s debut in their colors, they can take comfort in knowing that their manager is fully aware of his potential and is committed to helping him succeed. With Arteta’s guidance, it is hoped that Rice will continue to grow as a player and contribute significantly to Arsenal’s success in the seasons to come.

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