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Jorginho sends a heartfelt message to Arsenal fans after making a mistake in a derby game



( Arsenal midfielder Jorginho / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal midfielder Jorginho has taken to social media to send a heartfelt message to the Arsenal fans after his mistake led to Tottenham Hotspur scoring their second goal in the North London derby on Sunday.

In a tweet, Jorginho expressed his disappointment at his error but also thanked everyone for their support and encouragement. He wrote, “A painful mistake today, but seeing how everyone reacted after it to support and lift me up, my teammates, coaches, staff and the fans, it gives me even more motivation to work harder, because all of you deserve my best version. Thank you so much for the support Arsenal family.”

The mistake occurred in the second half of the match when Jorginho made an error in judgment, allowing Son to score and equalize for Tottenham. Despite this setback, Jorginho acknowledged the positive response he received from his teammates, coaches, staff, and most importantly, the fans.

The North London derby ended in a 2-2 draw at the Emirates Stadium, with both teams unable to find a late winner. Arsenal had taken the lead twice, first through a Romero own goal from Saka’s curling effort, and then from a penalty scored by Saka after Romero was penalized for a handball. However, Son’s goal in the second half denied Arsenal victory.

Jorginho’s message to the Arsenal fans highlights his determination to learn from his mistake and improve as a player. The support he received from his teammates and fans will undoubtedly spur him on to work harder and give his best for the club.

As the season progresses, Jorginho’s commitment and dedication will be crucial for Arsenal’s success. The midfielder’s willingness to take responsibility for his mistake and his gratitude towards the fans demonstrate his strong character and desire to succeed.

The Arsenal family will undoubtedly continue to support Jorginho as he strives to deliver his best performances on the pitch. With their unwavering support, Jorginho will be motivated to bounce back from this setback and contribute positively to the team’s success in the future.

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