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Arsenal’s Takehiro Tomiyasu gives funny response on whether VAR has improved football



( Arsenal defender Takehiro Tomiyasu / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal’s right back, Takehiro Tomiyasu, has recently given a humorous response when asked about the impact of VAR on the game of football. When questioned about whether VAR is improving the sport, Tomiyasu replied with a lighthearted tone, saying, “I don’t know to be honest, but it’s better not to say a lot of things because I’m a player! My job is to play and perform on the pitch – that’s it.”

Tomiyasu’s response reflects the frustration many players feel towards VAR and its controversial decisions. The introduction of video assistant refereeing has undoubtedly changed the dynamics of football matches, often leading to lengthy delays and contentious calls. While some argue that VAR brings more accuracy and fairness to the game, others believe it disrupts the flow and spontaneity that makes football so captivating.

Tomiyasu’s witty remark highlights his focus on his primary role as a player. Rather than getting caught up in debates about VAR’s impact, he chooses to concentrate on his performance on the pitch. This response showcases his professionalism and determination to excel in his position.

Ultimately, Tomiyasu’s funny answer serves as a reminder that players’ main responsibility is to play their best football rather than engaging in discussions about VAR or other external factors that may influence the game.


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