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Kai Havertz reveals the special person that got him into football



( Arsenal midfielder Kai Havertz / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal midfielder Kai Havertz has revealed that his grandpa played a significant role in getting him into football. In an interview with, Havertz spoke about how his grandpa helped him take his first steps in the sport.

Havertz shared that his entire family was football crazy, and they were a football family. His brother and father also played a part in nurturing his passion for the game. Havertz grew up surrounded by football, and it became the center of everything in their household.

“My grandpa really got me into football,” Havertz said. “He helped me take my first steps. Obviously, my brother and father also did their bit to get me out there playing at an early age. Everyone was football crazy, and we were just a football family. We loved football and everything revolved around it, so I grew up with it and that’s how this passion developed.”

The 24-year-old German international made a big-money move to Arsenal from Chelsea in the summer of 2020. Since joining the Gunners, Havertz has showcased his versatility and technical ability, contributing both goals and assists. He has become an integral part of Arsenal’s midfield, providing creativity and attacking threat.

In the 12 appearances he has made this year, Havertz has made one assist and scored one penalty goal. His performances have earned him praise and recognition as one of the brightest talents in European football.

Havertz’s revelation about his grandpa highlights the importance of family support in nurturing young talent. It is often through the encouragement and guidance of loved ones that young players find their passion for the game.

As Havertz continues to develop and make his mark at Arsenal, his grandpa’s influence will undoubtedly remain a special part of his journey. The midfielder’s love for football, instilled by his family, has propelled him to great heights and will continue to drive him forward in his career.

I enjoy football so much and I am in love with Arsenal Football Club. I always watch the matches and will always give you my opinions about the game here.

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