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Declan Rice sends a coded message to Mikel Arteta on where he wants to play



( Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice / Photo via Getty )

Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice’s recent remarks have provided insight into his position preferences within the team, indirectly conveying his sentiments to manager Mikel Arteta. While Arteta has predominantly utilized him as a defensive midfielder, Rice has expressed his aspiration to establish himself as a dedicated ‘out and out six’ within the squad via club media. “I’m trying to nail down being an out and out six and I think the manager sees that as well,” Rice revealed, highlighting his commitment to excelling in the defensive midfield role.

Rice’s desire to play in a more specialized role comes at a pivotal moment for Arsenal, currently placed 3rd in the Premier League table with 46 points from 22 league games in the 2023/24 campaign. As one of the team’s standout performers, his pursuit of a defined midfield role illustrates a deep understanding of his strengths and the impact he can have in a specific position.

Expressing his adaptability while emphasizing his dedication to mastering the defensive midfield role, Rice also conveyed his willingness to contribute in other areas if necessary. “I’m happy to play anywhere if it helps the team out but I’ve just been trying to learn and get myself better at playing in the six,” he stated, underlining his versatility and team-oriented mindset.

As Declan Rice continues to be a key figure for Arsenal, his comments shed light on his commitment to personal growth within the team’s structure. The midfielder’s determination to excel in his preferred role while remaining open to contributing elsewhere exemplifies his value as a versatile and dedicated asset to the club’s success.

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